Friday, 28 November 2014


Hello and welcome to "Your Hjem." Peeking into the homes of people with inspirational interior style. All different styles, from all over the globe.
This week I am joined by Linda from Porvoo, Finland! She's 34, and lives with her partner, and is Mama to their two year old son. She was a stay at home mama for two years and has now returned part time to the wonderful world of fashion. Their amazing home is set 5km out in the the beautiful countryside and into the woods! Sounds positively DELICIOUS!

Linda, welcome to YOUR HJEM! Thank you so much for allowing us into your wonderful home! First of all, how would you describe you interior style?
This is a never ending story to be honest! I like so many styles and have a hard time to say what mine really is... When it comes to select/do someting for our home it takes time... but I do like it light, white, with some grey and wood at the moment. My flat in my 20's was very colorful, even this house had more colours in textiles but it has all changed in a couple of years.. This is our grown up home and I do love it! I love the place here in the woods. It is a very peaceful spot to live in, extremely homely and cosy. I love modern simplicity too, but it just doesn't work for me, even though I truly love that!

Tell us a little about how you selected and acquired your home

My hubby and I had been together for a while, and we started looking to buy a house. Neither of us are "builders," so when we couldn´t find anything that wouldnt have needed big renovations we decided after some thought to go for a turnkey project. The house was a turnkey project by Design Talo. We chose one of the house models, made the changes we wanted and then the project started October 2008. The house was finished in March 2009, and we moved in 22nd March. I make it sound so easy but of course there was a few bumps along the road, and if I were ever to do a project like this again there are a few important things I would have given more thought and planning to, before it actually gets done.. I wish I had had instagram back then.. ;) :D

That's such a cool story! Let's start in the living room, what is your favourite thing in here?

The fireplace! And the fact it's so spacious and light. You can see through the house:) And the high ceilings (which are good with a hubby over 2 meters!) Also the big windows give view to the forest. I love the harmony. Also a big favourite is my stringpocket! I love to do diffrent #shelfies and that is all thanks to instagram! :D My tresure chest from 1886 is also an old favourite ;) even if I have only had it a year or so. I bought it off a friend who was moving abroad.

Favourite thing in the kitchen?
The dining area with the big window. And my absolute favourites are the vitra eames chairs, I love them! I also like the kitchen cupboards. They are all white, but I do wish we would have thought about open shelf solutions also. We have big drawers in the kitchen, which is a big plus! I love to have storage space everywhere! The kitchen is always a bit cluttered Im afraid, and I am forever dreaming of empty surfaces.
Your bedroom:
The black and white interior we have there. The photos of our toddler on the wall and my playtype poster. Love  changing the interior with sheets and pillows... I always say "one can never have to many pillows" ;) hahaa
Haha, I do like a decorative pillow! Baby's bedroom:
Well it is colourful! I would like to paint the walls white and put a ferm living wallpaper on one wall... But lets see if that ever happens...;) The Ingela P Arrhenius poster "Lion" is my favourite, also because that is our toddlers horoscope. And IKEA's Stuva serie is ruling that room with all the storge space.

I love the fact we have two showers and a sauna in the bigger bathroom, and the tiles are black and white. Timeless and simple. The smaller bathroom is on the other side of the house between our toddler's and my room.  Yes I have my own room, which just is a big mess at the moment! That room is my big project. Then we also have, as I call it, #officeslashguestroom next to the livingroom.

What are you inspired by when you shop for your home?

Recently it has just been insta to be honest! It gives me alot of inspiration and new ideas for our home! I do love to read magazines too, but lately it's just not happening! And sometimes I get an idea just out of nowwhere and then I start to google :D Sadly my ideas takes time to actually get them done! And sometimes the ideas just dont work and its back to squre one.

Any brands you'd like to claim your undying love for, or any new brands you'd like?

I  love love love my designletters by Arne Jacobsen! Also the Vitra eames and tolix chairs. Marimekko, Hay, fermliving, ikea, muuto just to mention a few.. ;) The list is long! :D


J'adore designletters! Finally: What's on for wish list?

Well on my wish list right now is to get the vestibule done! Paint it and have muuto dots on the wall and i really would like the Vitra Uten.Silo. I am also dreaming about some Arne Jacobson and Hay pieces... and a muuto sofa would be nice. But they are only dreams for now and probably forever. But its good to have dreams and I bet there will be many more along the way... but as you can gather from all I´ve said our home is far from finished but we do love it!

Thank you so much for agreeing to being interviewed. I absolutely love the peacefulness of your home, I can totally imagine this amazing cool home, in the middle of beautiful nature and woods. PERFECT!



Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I love this little egg timer. The cats are mesmerised by it, and they like to knock it off the work top and roll it around. So often I will hear the bell go off, and somehow it's managed to end up under the bed, or at the bottom of the stairs...


These socks are THE COMFIEST socks I have ever owned. I got them from the American Apparel store in Venice Beach, LA, for a snazzy $5, I think it was a discount store maybe? I insist you all get some. They come in a variety of colours.


I adore this door. When we bought the property in a wreck, this door had always remained beautiful. It is the original interior door used in the warner properties, and despite a fair few people telling us to bin it, I was ADAMANT it stayed. We resized it and moved it to the living room, so it floods the hallway with light! I will miss this little door when we leave!

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Last week, The Jesus and Mary Chain played the troxy. I love Psychocandy, so was psyched when they were announced they were playing- two silent P's in one sentence, big day.

Tickets sold out fast, so I resided to the fact I wouldn't be going, but then a partner at my work managed to wangle some, so he offered me and Evelyn freebies. Delighted! Many thanks to Martin at work!

I heard mixed reviews from the gig, but I thought they were great. Yeah the sound wasn't all that, but a gig isn't just about the sound, if you want album perfect sound, sit at home and stick the record on. The energy was electric, and I bumped into a few people who I haven't seen in a while. It reminded me of when I was touring lots, and for a moment it felt like it did then, which was a pleasant trip down memory lane, although I honestly don't miss the touring!


We took a walk along the Southbank to visit the Christmas Market, which to be honest, I don't think is in full swing yet. There was no Christmas music, and half the stalls were empty, HOWEVER, there were churros, mulled wine, bratwurst, and carousels, what more do you need really?
I love the book stalls on the Southbank, could get lost for hours rummaging there!


Carousels are electrifyingly nostalgic. I absolutely love them. This one is at the Christmas Market on the Southbank.Sometimes, simple is best.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Hello and welcome to "Your Hjem." Peeking into the homes of people with inspirational interior style. All different styles, from all over the globe.

This week I am joined by gorgeous Maja, who lives in Croatia. She's Mama of two, wife of one, and runs a wonderful business with her partner called pinch • toys - handmade products for kids, which all makes for one lucky woman!

Maja! Hello and welcome! Thanks for agreeing to let us snoop into your gorgreous home! How would you describe your interior style?
I would say it's minimalistic with homey feeling - a mixture of clean lines, wood and mostly white with touches of black and grey. And lots of diy's!
Let's start in the living room, what is your favourite thing in here?
It has to be few things: the open space with a view of the hallway and stairs, natural light and the big exit to terrace. Although, it's the only room in the house that screams for finishing touches. We miss some details and a sofa, but for now we still love hanging out on the floor with the girls. The room is not very representative at the moment but I have a little corner for my work, so I actually really enjoy spending time here as I use it both to work and play.

Favourite thing in the kitchen?
My favourites here are black chalkboard wall, and the worktops cause I like functional space. The kitchen was very important to me and it was our biggest investment when we were moving in. I find it the most important part of the home and we definitely use it the most because we love to cook. For the color I've chosen white that is fresh, eternal and easy to clean.

I love the chalk board paint idea! Your bedroom:
I'm a big sleeper, so the bedroom is definitely my favourite! We don't have a bed but only a mattress  and we love it. Super comfortable! For my side of the bed I use a big box instead of a night stand as I'm crazy for the storage – can't get enough of it! Also I'm a big fan of lamps, so I always use small lighting to create the atmosphere, especially in the bedroom. The things I love the most are diy hanger and the grid board which we just put up recently. It really gave the room a touch of warmth though it's very industrial.

The grid is such a cool idea!! I might have to steal that for our next project! Now onto the girls bedrooms:
We have two smaller rooms for the girls on the upper floor. Katja is the older one and next year she will be a primary schooler, so we have already bought her a big table which she adores, and I'm a big fan of her bed with big drawers for storing all the extra bedding. Greta's nursery is really basic. After she was born I really tried to embrace the pink which I added in details in both of their rooms. I've chosen the soft pink and it really goes well with the soft grey half painted walls. My favourite thing about both rooms is the calmness.
Here, I love the black glass sliding doors that are mostly decorated with tiny fingerprints! It's a very minimalistic bathroom with the combination of black and off white tiles plus the open shower.
What are you inspired by when you shop for your home?
Mostly by Nordic design. When I was little and once dreamed of my home, I used to steal my fathers AD magazines. Now, as a big fan of interiors, I find my inspiration on pinterest and instagram. I could spend hours just watching beautiful homes, especially kids rooms!
Any brands you'd like to claim your undying love for, or any new brands you'd like?
Well, the most of our furniture is Ikea cause of the price, design and availability combination, but I really love and admire Prostoria, Hay, Eames, Hem, Kartell and Muuto.
Finally: What's on for wish list?
As I'm crazy for changing I always have something on the wish list. And then I dream and dream. But I do want new dining chairs. And if certain someone thinks it's too much, he can always buy me a Hay feather duster haha!
Thanks so much for the interview! Your home is absolutely stunning! I will leave you all with some more snaps of Maja's amazing minimalist haven!