Friday, 17 April 2015


One of the best things about leaving the band was that I didn't have to be away for extended periods of time away from home or Paul. So when he was recently away for three nights, I really missed him. Although it is good to miss people I think, it makes you really appreciate them, that little bit more.


This was a wonderful morning on my way to work. It was the first super sunny and bright morning we had of the year... Spring had officially sprung!! This is my current favourite piece of architecture on the tube line. Blackhorse Road.


Aesop hand cream. Of course.


Early April saw a new season, a new coat and a new job. Still within the same company, I now am working with attorney training. I wore my brand new COS coat to celebrate the first day.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


This is my favourite position that Alabama gets into when she's napping. Face plant into the radiator.


A bit premature, but I'm playing catch up - AGAIN. This was my first crème egg of the Easter season, avec jasmine tea- of course. I still stick by my guns, that novelty chocolate- as opposed to off the shelf- tastes better, this includes advent and Easter.


This clock... Well. It's just ridiculously, wildly, perfect.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Melting heart, my ultimate current favourite...

Many, many benefits. It releases tension in you upper arms, shoulders, and neck. Also expands the whole front of your chest. Melting heart stretches out your abdominal muscles, and gently stimulates your back muscles in preparation for further backbends. On top of this it also opens up your hips and stretches your hamstrings.

Come onto your hands and knees, and begin to walk your hands forward, melting your heart centre towards the floor. Try to keep your hips above your knees and your hands shoulder width apart. Breathe deep in this intense stretch for 10-20 full breath cycles. Notice how the neck reacts to the pose, if it is more comfortable place the forehead near the floor instead of the chin.


We recently went to see Spandau Ballet at the O2 in Greenwich with Paul's work. I have never seen so many 45 year old women in one place in my life. It was cracking. The Blitz era was definitely the highlight.


Tattoos, tattoos, tattoos... Forever wanting to get one, then ducking out at the last minute. Well now it's settled, it's decided. I shall be getting this with my very best friend Rachel. Some may say this is a bit soppy or high school, but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Paul and I recently purchased some prints from our extremely talented friend Lasse Dearman
We met him when we were both in bands, he takes the most mesmerising shots of bands. He excels in intimate situations, and documents and just captures every single moment perfectly. We are really pleased with the prints and cant wait to get them up on the wall!


There really is nothing better than waking up on Saturday morning, and the whole room is bathed in bright white light.


The sofa has arrived! Six weeks of waiting, and it's finally arrived! Randomly, it's from DFS- official grown ups now. Click HERE to see in detail... It's the perfect depth and oh so cosy! I was worried it may be a bit big, as the width of the living room is quite short, but it fits perfectly, and comfortably seats three!


So iPad holders are a nightmare to get hold of. They're either over priced, or hideous, or they break very quickly. This is why I am excited to announce the arrival of this incredible copper iPad holder!

It is sexy, sleek and durable.... And the BEST bit is it's reasonably priced! CU COPPER also offer candle sticks ad coffee stands! Click HERE to check them out!


Leyton genuinely has some of the most mesmerising sunrises I have ever seen! Waking up to the whole room bathed in pink is just glorious!


So yes, we have already realised I am a candle FIEND. The latest to the collection is the wonderful Eastwick Candles

They are soy candles all handmade in London. Keeping things simple they use all natural soy wax, cotton wicks and a blend of paraben free fragrance oils and aromatherapy grade essential oils to create luxury scents that gently fill the room. Their products are vegan friendly and their packaging is minimal, recyclable and reusable.


A busy evening, and not finishing until 21:45, calls for a speedydinner. And to be honest, this was divine. Home made bread, red wine, Sicilian tomatoes and mature cheddar.

I always make the NY Times no knead bread, and it is SUPER EASY. Click here for the recipe....