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Why HJEM? Well it's Norwegian for "home" and I do love the Scandinavian simplicity, but also it's how Geordies say "home" too. And yes, you guessed it, I am a Geordie by birth. I moved to the capital in 2005, and married myself a Londoner.
A couple of years ago, we secured our first project, after a long time dreaming, and being fed up of paying other people's mortgages. We became official owners of a (rather run down) beautiful two bed Warner property in the ever growing east end delight, Walthamstow, or better known by it's new desirable buzz name"E17."There was an awful lot to do, when I say alot, I mean everything really... From the windows, to the floorboards, to the kitchen (horror scene,) to the bathroom (there was no floor and you could see into the neighbours downstairs...) But this did not phase us one bit (maybe it should have?) We did her up and sold her on. We then secured ourselves a 2 bed house in Leyton... Which is where you join us now.

You will notice I use the work "project" as opposed to "home.." All part of the greater plan... We will be buying, restoring, and selling on, or "flipping them" as the estate agents say, for the foreseeable future, to secure that end goal of the family home. It helps that we really enjoy doing it. There will come a point where we will want to stay there for a while, but for now, I invite you to join us on our journeys, our ups and downs, our milestones and our mistakes as we do up property in London's east end!

Samantha x.

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